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A Message from our Beermonger, Ezra 

GGM's Beer of the Month for September:

Monocacy Brewing Company's Riot Rye Pale Ale
Monocacy's flagship draft is our featured beer for the month of September. Riot Rye's amber suds carry a ruckus of flavor that will breakdown maybe preconceived notions of beer and especially pale ales. Riot starts on a base of 2-row and Caramal-20 barley. But the malted rye in Riot Rye, which is locally grown and malted by Amber Fields Malting and Brewing in Keymar, Maryland, is what yields a uniquely snappy bite to a beer that is both thirst quenching yet nippy enough to lead us into colder fall evenings. A distinct fact about Amber Fields is that they utilize house-made pieces of equipment for their malting, which they crafted from various pieces of dairy and farming equipment, so from start to finish this beer is locally made with love and care. At 6.2% ABV and 70 IBUs from US Sterling, Geman Northern Brewer, Columbus, Cascade, Liberty, Meridian and Nugget Hops this is a complex yet extremely well rounded beer.
Brewed in Fredrick, Maryland by the same brew team as the acclaimed Brewer's Alley Restaurant in historic downtown. Brewer's Alley outgrew their brew space and needed a new facility and with a new location at the Ebert's Ice Cream plant in 2011 came a new name and thus Monocacy was born.
Their Brewmaster Tom Flores, has been the company since 1997, so you can rest assure you will receive a consistent beer whether it be on Draft or in a six pack. Speaking of which, also look for their R.L. Rex Session Pale ale at 3.7%, as well as the Brewer's Alley 1634 Old Style Ale brewed with caraway and molasses on shelf at GGM.
Stop by for a $4 pint this September, we guarantee it will be a riot!