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A Message from our Beermonger, Ezra 

GGM's Beer of the Month for October:

Union Craft Brewing's Anthem Golden Ale
Brewed by our friends on Union Ave in Baltimore, MD, Adam, Jon, and Kevin developed this beer in honor of the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key penning the Star Spangled Banner. This beer is dubbed as an "all American classic that is just the thing to make you sing!" and we will certainly be singing it's praises throughout the month of October!
This beer fills the role of the lighter Lager type category in our draft line-up, but is in fact a hybrid style beer, a cream ale, which exhibits characteristics of both a lager and a lightly hopped ale. Anthem starts with American grown barley, wheat, corn and oats to build a even keel malt bill crisp backbone that weights in perfectly at 5.0% ABV. In the boil Kevin the brewer utilizes Colombus Hops for mild-moderate bittering and just a small amount of Mosaichops for floral notes. When all is said and done, Anthem has a 35 on the International Bitterness Units (IBUs) scale.
For those neighbors who attended our Earth Day Birthday Celebration back in April, you may have gotten to taste the local collaboration our beermongers concocted up at Union's brewery. This beer featured on cask with the addition of Virginia Wild Flower Honey and Citrus Rooibos Tea and was a big hit! We hope this carbonated iteration on draft excites your taste buds all month! 
Stop by all October for a $4 Pint of the local thing will make you sing!