In the Market

Happy Weekend, Neighbors! 

You've made it through another week, now reward yourselves!

In the Deli

Join us for Brunch Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-2PM. We've updated the menu, take your time deciding before you arrive!

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For you pizza lovers- try the Little Bo Pizza- lamb sausage, spinach, mozzarella, and pecorino, garnished with fresh mint.  

In the Cafe

Today's soups are Lentil, White Bean & Ham, Tomato Basil, and as always, our all Beef Chili.

Our draft line features eight stellar pours of local craft brew that rotate constantly, check em out here

April Beer of the Month

Saranac Brewery, Utica, NY - Prism

5.2% ABV, 42 IBUs

This month we are working with one of the oldest breweries in the country, Saranac. This year, Saranac, which is Iroquois for "Cluster of Stars" and based in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, is celebrating 125 years in continual operation. We are pleased to feature the quaffable wheat ale from these Kings of the North (in our Chesapeake Bay sourcing beer land, not Game of Thrones). This is a complex beer with a surprisingly vivid interplay of aromas and tastes. The "Prism" name speaks to the juxtaposition within this pint: a smooth white ale with a colorful finish! Some get more Belgian White notes, some say crisp, citrusy finish, personally, I like the apricot notes.

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In Produce

Spring CSA

With the coming of the warmer weather, the farmers are bringing in exciting new produce that we haven't seen in months! The first spring onions came off the field this week, and we hope you're as thrilled as we are. If you identify as a produce enthusiast, you're a prime candidate for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program. We're kicking off another round of this 10 week program on April 1st. For $250  we provide you with a two-person portion of fresh, local, and delicious produce curated by our Produce Manger, Michael. Sign up online here or come on by the store. Questions? Contact Michael directly at or give us a call at 202.588.5698